Meet us!


¡Hola! It's so nice to meet you! We are Santi, Benni and Sophia, the trio behind La Pampa - three friends with the common goal of bringing a taste of Argentina to your everyday life!

We each have our very own personal connection to Argentina. 

Meet Santi! I was born and raised in Argentina. After being educated in Austria, I returned to Argentina at 18 to work there for half a year. In this time, I reconnected with many old local friends, spent countless days with Gauchos in the Pampa countryside and rediscovered my love for the culture and lifestyle. At an art exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, I came across a picture of an old gaucho and his horse. The clothing and jewellery he was wearing quickly became an inspiration for my own style over the following years. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I haven't been able to return to my homeland in over a year; this inspired me to bring a piece of Argentina to Europe.

Meet Benni and Sophia! In case you didn't know, we're siblings! The two of us have spent a lot of time in the country due to our shared passion for polo. Our first contact with the sport and the lifestyle was, unexpectedly, in Shanghai, where we grew up. We started playing polo there with two Argentine professionals, who then moved back to Germany with us to continue our polo journey there. Segundo and Joaquin, alongside Frankie, Seba, and the Zapata's now annually spend over half the year at the Tagmersheim Polo Club. It has been well over ten years, and we now consider them as part of the family. Through them, we have been able to spend many months in Argentina, learning the language, working, and playing polo, as well as learning about the Argentinian culture and its iconic lifestyle.

La Pampa was born while drinking Mate, where we discovered our shared love for Argentina and its culture. The feeling that beautiful South American country gives you is one of a kind. Imagine - riding a horse and chasing cattle alongside Gauchos. Sharing a Mate with friends and family while waiting for the Asado to get ready, a folk song strumming on a guitar in the background. Taking a stroll through the bustling streets of Buenos Aires. Seeing the vast plains of la Pampa, to the Andes mountains stretching out as far as the eye can see. The crisp air of the south, and breathtaking scenes in Patagonia. Can you feel it yet? That is what we aim to share with you, through our pieces of Argentinian culture. 

Each piece is individually designed, selected, and produced with the highest care and consideration. We hope to bring a taste of Argentina to you!


Santi, Benni & Sophia